Fluid Book Review.

Fluid Book Review

Ever came across persuasions from the family or society in choosing your career. Have you ever felt that you have chosen the wrong career? Then this book is for you.

Fluid Book Review– Fluid; The Approaches Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries is a self-help book written by Ashish Jaiswal. The book has got placed on the list of National Bestsellers. Fluid unveils the confusions and dilemmas in the present education system through effective examples and case studies. The entire book revolves around the theme “Be more than what you are thought to be”.

Fluid Book Review
Author of Fluid: Ashish Jaiswal

The author explains the idea of fluid through the stories of great minds like Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, C.V. Raman and many others. Fluid is all about the curiosities that an individual has and how could one make opportunities from their curiosities.

Fluid Review.

Ashish Jaiswal starts the book by explaining a beautiful song written by Malvina Reynolds called Little Boxes which reflects on the present education system. The book gives a detailed explanation of how the Spinning Dancer Test restricts the ideas of people and labels them on the dominance of their brain (Left-Brained people lean toward logic and Right-Brained people lean towards creativity). The author completely negates the idea of the left brain and right brain deciding one’s career. 

“No matter how lateralized the brain can get, though, the two sides still work together,” — Carl Zimmer, Science Writer

Commonly, we hear phrases like “Scientists should be doing science-related stuff”, Artists should only be artists” or “Businessmen should only do business”. The author breaks these prevailing concepts through case studies and stories of geniuses like Da Vinci, C.V Raman etc… For example how Leonardo Da Vinci who is known as one of the great artists, is also an architect as well as a scientist. Apart from Mona Lisa, he is also the master brain behind the Golden Horn Bridge and his drawings of a human foetus along with anatomical observations explain Da Vinci as an artist+architect+scientist.

Fluid Book Review
The Human Fetus in the Womb by Leonardo Da Vinci

“Sadly, the subject-island forms of the current education system distance an artist and a scientist from each other.” 

As the artificial intelligence era is approaching, Jaiswal also decodes the importance of fluidity in the coming decades, as there is a high chance for most the professions to be carried away by intelligent robots. From the journey of the encyclopedia to Wikipedia and through the references of tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerburg and Elon Musk, Fluid explains how AI and automation can be harmful in many ways to human existence.

Why should one read this book:

  • This book communicates a new unique perspective in simple words.
  • There are many short stories and case studies that will cater you fresh ideas.
  • Contain a lot of ideas for speech, motivations, public speaking and career guidance.

Who should read this book:

  • If you love self-help books- This is the right book.
  • If you are confused about your skill sets and career – Go for Fluid.
  • If you are a motivational speaker, public speaking coach, or life skill trainer- Yup, give the fluid a chance.


Fluid, grabbed my attention from the book rack with its subtitle “Be more than what you thought to be”. I felt that this essence of the subtitle could be carried to life once the book is completed. Through stories, pictorial representations and case studies; felt like Ashish Jaiswal has opened door to new perspectives and priorities. If you are someone who loves self-help books and could accommodate unique thoughts- this is the right book for you.

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