Interpretations for PM Modi’s “April Diwali” in Nation; Based on Religious, Political, Philosophical and Social Perspectives.



On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech where he appealed to the citizens of India to turn their lights off and light candles or turn on their mobile torches on Sunday, April 5, 2020 between 9 pm and 9.09 pm in a collective effort to battle coronavirus. Narendra Modi’s speech about appealing the citizens to light lamps and torch to mark the fight against County’s fight against Corona Virus was widely accepted by the nation amidst large criticisms…

As the clock struck 9 pm on Sunday, as appealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lights went out in most houses and people gathered in balconies, flashing mobile, lit candles and diyas while in many places, there were group parties and celebration in fire.

PM’s asked the people to light the Diya and torches with high precautions..( social distance, indoors or balconies, for 9 minutes). But the reality was inverse in many places( Gang celebrations, Go China Virus slogans, rallies…so son..). Amidst strict lockdown policies, why did people formed groups to celebrate the event??? Did PM’s appeal got misinterpreted by the people all over the nation??? 


Difference in thought Process, leading to Interpretation…

People have distinct thoughts based on the achieved beliefs and experiences.


Individuals are more likely to adopt a modeled behavior if the model is similar to the observer and has admired status and the behavior has functional value”       -Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory

People thoughts are based on the religion in which they believe, the culture they live in, Political party they support,….so on… The Prime Ministers appeal to the people for lighting diyas and lamps were interpreted differently by people. These interpretations are raised from the perceived perception each had; it could be their cultural thoughts, religious thought, social thoughts or say political thoughts. So all the criticisms and Support on “April Diwali” are right!!!! They are sensible considering each individual. But what if the thoughts of an Individual is Poison for the society, and what if those thoughts cause harm to the community, like the thoughts of Hitler causing harm to Jews?????

Well! Let’s see few  Diwali Night interpretations;

When the Diwali appeal gained a Religious Interpretations…


“Jai Shri Ram” echoed in the streets and people could be seen with fire torches; singing, chanting, shouting in groups. The message of Modi was interpreted highly in based on religion(especially concerning Hinduism and astrology ) in the nation. The beliefs about the decimation of coronavirus using fire were widely accepted by uneducated religion- orthodox groups leading to bizarre shows in public. Even people said ” Viruses spread in the environment are burnt to dust with fire”…

On the other side, Other religions interpreted the act as, part of Hindu rituals and oppose the appeal of PM about Diwali Night. They shut the lights off and asked their God to save them from hell Virus ( Corona)…

All were right in their interpretation……

Political interpretation on “Diya Night”…

The political leaders supporting the BJP party celebrated the Diwali with great enthusiasm. Wait a second!!! its BJP’s birthday coming !!!. Interpretations raised when the party followers thought it, as a chance to celebrate the 40 years of BJP and organised rallies in street and all party leaders lighting lamp as per the guidelines.  BJP MLA from Mysuru, S A Ramdas, said that

“If lamps are lit, the viruses approach the lamps and get destroyed by the heat of the lamps. Modi has thought of this idea in order to ensure that viruses should never occupy people’s houses,”(When religion get interpreted by politicians for their followers).


UP CM Yogi Adityanath lights earthen lamps to form an ‘Om’, at his residence. PM Modi had appealed to the nation to switch off all lights of houses today at 9 PM for 9 minutes, and just light a candle, ‘Diya’, or flashlight, to mark India’s fight against COVID 19…

PM Modi also drew flak from the opposition who asked him to focus on real issues and plan policies to contain the COVID-19 impact on the nation and its economy. Senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor said PM Modi’s speech offered no vision for the future on how to ease people’s pain and financial anxieties. “Listened to the Pradhan Showman. Nothing about how to ease people’s pain, their burdens, their financial anxieties,”.


Moreover, Congress leader P Chidambaram, who has been vocal about his criticism for the BJP-led government, requested PM Modi to listen to experts like epidemiologists and economists. There was also criticism considering this as the second national gimmick by PM for getting the support from the migrant labourers who were forced to return back home in the absence of food or wages in the cities

All were right in their interpretations…..

When April Diwali got a Philosophical interpretation…

There were two profound philosophical presuppositions to PM Narendra Modi’s exhortation to the nation. First One, was based on his quotation from the first sarga of the Kishkindha Kanda of the Valmiki Ramayana:

उत्साहो बलवान् आर्य नास्ति उत्साहात् परम् बलम् ।
सः उत्साहस्य हि लोकेषु न किंचित् अपि दुर्लभम् ॥४-१-१२१॥                                                                       


There is no greater strength, O noble one, than enthusiasm;
For one endowed with enthusiasm, nothing in this world is difficult.

The implication of these words by Lakshmana to his despondent elder brother, Rama, is unmistakable.

  • The fight against the coronavirus pandemic is as much psychological as medical or logistical.
  • If we lose our nerve as a nation, then our mental despair will also spell our corporeal downfall.

Second, The second postulate was that “Janata Janardana,” the personification of the composite populace, is a form of the Divine.

  • In times of crisis, if a direct साक्षात्कार or realisation of this force of the combined will of the people is manifest, it would add greatly to the spirit and confidence of the country.
  • To light a lamp in the dark night of the nation’s soul as a symbolic gesture of solidarity and resolve can thus be a deeply transforming and constructive act, especially during a curfew or lockdown.                                                                                                                       Makarand R. Paranjape
                                           Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study 

Social Interpretations for “Diwali in April”…an Act of Solidarity.

On the other side, people lit the diyas, candle or torch to showcase their solidarity,  united to fight the virus.diya-1586105090

  • India is a diverse country with unique cultures, traditions and life patterns. There were times when clashes and conflicts arose among the people in the name of land, religion and cast.
  • For many people, this was the time to light diyas and torches and raise it amidst all diversities and proclaims that India is united… So they lit lamps by maintaining social distancing, peacefully in their apartments or in their homes…


  • Thoughts like bringing people together by generating a sense of national purpose will ease anxiety and frustration amid the unprecedented lockdown.
  • For many, the lights were the appreciation for the heroes in health sectors and heroes out there in the community to fight the virus…

Solidarity between Oppression!!… Revolutionaries interpretations!!!

For many the act of solidarity was stupid as criticism evolved when people think why should they light a lamp;

  • When the country is divided based on religion and caste.


  • When people blame other groups for the ownership of the virus (#coronaJihads is an absurd concept)… 


  • When there are no arrangements made for more beds and ventilators…balcony-seat-o
  • When the people of the country have no idea about its present economy…


  • When the salaries of nurses which were pending for months get cut off……


  • When PM come in live for giving tasks rather than putting forward a strategy to deal with the virus…


All were right in their interpretation…

Yes All Were Right In Their Interpretation!!! But Who Were More Right???

The answer to the question of who was more right lies in the future outcomes!…. Even in the past, there were opposing views and thoughts towards the government(every government) decisions and acts. A giant political party like BJP with a strong base in all states was a subject of criticisms, especially for their Hindutva(religious) agendas. But history has showed us amidst large negative judgement and reviews the party could maintain its large followers and even could influence the followers of other parties. The past PM’s appeal of Thali bajao gained criticism similarly but, as far as no cases of the virus were reported after the act, all the judgement went in to vacuum.

So in this event of April Diwali too, all interpretations are right!! Unless there are cases of the virus reported due to the Diwali incidents arise…


This blog is done after researching the above questions and from my personal experience after lighting the lamp from Kerala.


Take LockDown Seriously!!! Let’s Break The Chain!!!

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  1. But what might have been the motive for such a decision.? As long as they havn’t given any specific explanation, the writer could give an interpretation through his perspective too.

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