Netflix movie “Dont Look Up”- A Short Review.

"Dont Look Up"- A Short Review.

 “Don’t Look Up”-A Short Review.

 Netflix movie "Dont Look Up"- A Short Review.
 Netflix movie “Dont Look Up”- A Short Review.


“Don’t Look Up” is the latest Hollywood movie released by Netflix, directed by Adam McKay. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead roles as two astronomers who warn the World about a Comet which could hit the Earth and Destroy the entire planet. The movie emphasizes the conflict between politics and science when it comes to Apocalypse.

Why should one watch this movie?

  1. The movie highlights the struggle of two astronomers to convince the world about the threat and the reaction of the whole world to it differently. This makes the movie interesting and thrilling till the end. 
  2. Adam McKay has creatively taken up the movie in its introduction part and has placed the movie to an exciting level in its climax.
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence along with artists have given their best version in the movie. DiCaprio has managed to take the audience along with him in certain situations in the movie. Jennifer Lawrence had a cool emotional character filled with wits which have made the movie more appealing to watch without boring, 
  4. Humour placed in between the havoc situations has worked well from the beginning.
  5. The Music is extraordinary and the performance by Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi created an emotional link between the movie and the viewers.
  6. As the movie ends it unveils a beautiful message to the world.

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