The Rani of Jhansi-Lakshmi Bhai

The Rani of Jhansi-Lakshmi Bhai

Rani of Jhansi-Lakshmi Bhai

  • After the death of Gangadhar Rao, King of Jhansi ( to whom, Laxmi Bahi was married in the age of 7) rani was coronated as the queen of Jhansi.
  • The Britishers took advantage of the lack of experience of the queen and demanded the control of her kingdom. But they were wrong! Rani was strong and determined for her kingdom.
  • Since there was no biological male heir, the kingdom was annexed to British Raj by Governor-General of India under Doctrine of Lapse.
  • Rani adopted a son, but Lord Dalhousie did not consider Damodar Rao as a biological heir and sent the message of merging Jhansi into British.

But Rani, was courageous and was not ready to surrender her land to the invaders

  • She formed an army, including both women and men and trained them in Military techniques.
  • The incident of Britishers looting common people, killing women and children in Jhansi, strengthen her decision to fight against Britishers.

Along with her army, she fought against the Britishers for almost two weeks. She carried her adopted son Damodar Rao on her back and took a sword in each hand, and killed many British soldiers. Her attack have made the British Army to set back from the fight.

  • But later in 18th June 1958, the British attacked the Gwalior and entered into Jhansi.
  • Rani decided to break the military front and while she was trying to break it she came across a garden.
  • Since she was riding a new horse, she felt difficult to control it.
  • Ultimately she fell and got injured. Since Rani was in male warrior costume, the Britishers didn’t recognize her and they left her.
  • Rani’s servant helped her up and gave her ‘gangajal’, which is considered a holy water.
  • Her last wish was that she should not be touched a Britisher, and hence was burn by a hermit.