Indian Socialism

The Indian Socialism

The Indian Socialism.

“There is no Democracy without socialism and no Socialism without Democracy”  – Rosa Luxembourg

The ideals of socialism state the social and economic doctrine of public ownership than private ownership. The Indian Constitution solemnly resolve its people to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Republic Nation. The principle of socialism was added to the constitution through the 42nd amendment act during the emergency period. Indian socialism promotes social and economic welfare among people and prohibits exploitation in any manner.

India follows democratic socialism which has a blend of Marxism as well as Gandhian socialism and leans more towards Gandhian ideologies of Truth, Ahimsa, Trusteeship and Decentralization. During the pandemic, the services to the people were catered through the public health care system which is a true example of Indian socialism. The three major developmental aspects of Indian socialism are: 1) Rapid growth in industries and agriculture through which the Indian economy was developed 2) Public sphere contributing to the development of industries helping the nation to be self-dependent and 3) Mixed economy, to help people meet their needs with the help of private companies under a set of rules. Even though socialism in a nation accounts for social-economic development through social policies, land reform movements and cooperative policies, it has not yet fulfilled its objective.

Several policies from the liberalization policy of 1990 to the recent farm bills question the absence of public ownerships and raise criticisms for privatization. Discrimination and inequality is still a challenge in India. Socialism accounts for the upliftment of the marginalized sessions. Several people get denied their right to education, employment and faces mental and physical abuses. Senior citizen and Transgender are other categories who don’t get their rights served. We also spend a very little percentage of GDP in Public Health care causing a short of more than 3000 PHCs in the Nation. The Human Development Report state that we have only 8 beds for 10,000 people whereas China has around 40 beds for 10 000 people.

Through effective social policies and programmatic interventions, we are addressing several issues. For instance, the Elderly Inclusion programme of Kudumbashree promotes social inclusion among senior citizen in Kerala. The initiative of the National Institute of Defense along with the National Backward Class Finance and Development Corporation to allow relief funds to the trans genders during the pandemic and protecting them through Garima Greh promotes socialism in the nation. The discrimination against women is prevented by making laws strict through the Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Nirbhaya Act, 2013, Sexual harassment (Protection Prevention and Redressal ) Act, 2013 etc. The Bati Bacho Beti Padao Andolan, Mudra Scheme, Balika Samridhi Yojana ensure equality for women.

The aim of socialism is to enhance the well-being of the marginalized session and help them to meet their needs. By understanding the issues in the community, bringing effective planning and locality organization, through proper implementation and by periodic social audits, we could promote Indian Socialism.

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Surviving the Greatest Pandemic~ Depression


DEPRESSION, DEPRESSION, DEPRESSION. The whole world is running behind depression all of a sudden. But Why? At present mental health is spoken in an emphatic voice. We randomly see posts, quotes, stories of it in and outside social media. Do you think depression is an illness that is only destined for certain people? 

Depression is an illness that many people have been facing for some time but it is sad to acknowledge the fact that we humans have taken a long time to discuss depression on social platforms. According to the statistical report, more than 264 million people of every age are under depression. 

Nobody is born into the world tagged depressed. It is one’s battles in life, their experiences, and their run to prove themselves to society rather than being their true self that lead them to the path of mental illness.

In this competitive world, it is difficult to manage one’s emotions in the right proportion. Family is the place where one starts to learn the first lessons of life. Just by teaching your kid, how to graduate with prestigious degrees is not enough instead, teach them how to enjoy and to find happiness in small things. Make sure that you turn out to be a friend to your child, a friend with whom they could share their happiness and sorrow without a second thought. Be an understanding parent to your child without a prejudiced mind when they come up with their difficulties. 

Schooling is one of the important phase in shaping one’s character, therefore, the roles played by teachers and peer groups are equally important as that of one’s family. In the present curriculum, it is equally important that we should emphasize on inculcating social values into the same.  

Let your actions speak louder than words. Yes, you read that right. Being there for someone at the right time may change their lives for better. Just a smile or a message or a small talk would make the difference.

Remember that everybody may not be lucky as you are, they may not have a sound background. Be thankful for your well being and make sure you would be there to lend your ear to listen to the ones in need.  Learning and practising these values from childhood will definitely make oneself better in the long run

It is good if we learn life values, compassion, treating and talking to others nicely, being there for others, building mental strength, social interaction and other values from our small age. Yeah, we will be taught by our parents and teachers but, not all students are privileged to learn it from home. Apart from value learning we mostly learned about scoring good marks, not to fail, to be successful in life, and so on.

But somewhere down the lane, no one taught us life lessons like learning to rest when we are tired, being there for each other, to love everyone without a prejudiced mind.

Being there for the right person at the right time may flip their life for good. So let’s encourage mental awareness from childhood. And we can hope that there will be more happy ones than sad ones.

Depression is not a blame game. It is just an illness like any other illness. We cannot accomplish success as a sole person. Only when people start to be there for each other we could accomplish success in this journey.






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