The Chinese Govt. and Few Indian College Govt; A Subjective Comparison.

# a Subjective thought

Peoples Republic of China, the party which runs the Chinese government proclaims the concept of “New Democracy” by Mao. They has a president head and the president is the authority in finalizing the decisions; wait a second!! is that a democracy????? what about the freedom of press, what about the freedom of speech???? f2f81f1a-4511-11e7-935d-dac9335a3205_image_hires_174320 cg4baaf9c8319530

Now whenever I hear something about Chinese Government, I relate it with few colleges in my country, India. The college give its citizens(students) freedom to talk, freedom to express feelings, freedom to raise voice but the way management( The president who runs the government) want it to do so.

  • Whenever I see the citizens who are part of such college governments, I feel sad as they survive in the four cornered  hi tech walls. Happy that I did my under graduation under Democratic environment with natural walls.

Freedom of Expression!

  • The right to expression is different in these college governments. The citizens could express their talents, artistic skills, thoughts and feelings by either supporting a happy content or by praising the managements achievements. (Realities, self scripted talents,  uncommon , politics – Get suspended or dismissed).
  • I still remember in my college, few students performed a dance with  religious characters, got dismissed just for the reason that college was ran by a religious management.


Your Relations!!!

  • The relationship statuses has no values as they could be misinterpreted by the super egoists in the government who uphold the morals of a gender discriminated ancient society.v-day

What bout your Freedom of Speech!!!

  • What bout Freedom of Speech????? If you want to do a drama, speech, street play the scripts have to be analysed by government’s caretakers and should be flexible enough to support the president and the government of college. There was an incident in my college; The student who made a troll on the exam department criticizing one of their mistake, was given ta warning, as the exam department got an emotional break down after seeing the troll.1_Qd2WfgjLqD4IQRB4Ybw8tA

The Democratic Structure!!!

  • The College Government has the post of chairperson, vice- chairperson, secretary  so on…. I  relate them to The Great  puppet shows!!! where the puppet’s body is tied with colorful threads and yes!!who controls its motion; The President sits in the cabin and control their flow.


NO you don’t have the Voice bcz!!!!

  • But, the fact is no citizens would raise their voice against the college government as they have clean environment(artificial gardens), Celebrations( Under the sun with DJ lambs, but hey! NO Dance!) High Technologies( masking their reality with vitality), Arts Fest (Sorry for the Freedom of Speech), Sports Day(We hate some events¬ college government), College day(Sorry! the package doesn’t support one), Union Valedictory( Yes, Dancers will be executed). no-voice_1x

Studying in such a college government will make one more responsible and well managed,  the citizen will definitely reach heights with the skills they accrued under such autocratic climate of the college. But what about the social skills of the citizen?? will they be able to solve a social problem happening in their life?? Will they know what is happening around them???

At time i feel like the fresh and innocent citizens are fooled by few crooked heads who hide the reality from them and attract them with fake promises and illogical plans. Wait a second is this how we catch a fish; we make a delicious worm hook so that the fish get attracted, we put it in an area rich with fishes,… fish come……. get hinged -the story ends….


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